Father’s Disappearance Leads To The Start Of An Undertaking Business

Funerals are sombre affairs, for the simple reason that losing a loved one is a tragedy that deeply affects everyone. People grieve for the dearly departed, and look for the best funeral services, making sure that the tiniest detail of the service and after is well taken care of, even searching for the best funeral urns in Perth, in order to properly honour those that they’ve lost, and to ensure closure for the ones left behind.

One man in Fairfield, Australia, Mr. Adriano Coluccio, never got the closure of being able to hold a funeral service for his father, Mr. Collucio Sr., who simply disappeared on the 24th of June, 1990, after taking a taxi from Merrylands to Cronulia. Adriano turned his lack of closure into his motivation, shifting his career from a fruit and vegetables salesman into an undertaker.

He now runs the eponymous Adriano Coluccio Funeral Services in NSW,  wherein he gives families the closure they need after losing a loved one. Closure, he says, that he never got. According to Mr. Coluccio, he imagines how he would say his final farewell to his disappeared father every time he does a funeral service.

Coluccio has stated that he knows that, when a loved one has recently passed, that’s one of the lowest points in people’s lives, which makes making decisions, such as looking for funeral urns in Perth or anywhere else, difficult. He says he helps people deal with the loss, and that his experiences, both before and after he decided to go into the funeral service business, have changed his perspective.

Mr. Coluccio says that he’s done funerals for people who never woke from bed, he says he’s done funerals for children, among other things. He says that it reminds him to enjoy his life, and his time with his loved ones as much as possible; he knows full well that loved ones can simply go away when people least expect it.

He says that, having been raised Catholic, says that he still prays for his father, hoping that he might come home, or that, wherever he is, God makes sure that he is happy.