Five Tips To Help YOU Lose Weight Faster

Maintaining healthy weight helps you to lead a happy life and keep diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes at bay. Most of us follow the fad diets and weight loss tips to get slim in a short time but fail to achieve our target weight. We are always in search of quick tips that aid us to blast the calories and peel off the pounds.

If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, follow these sure shot tips by personal trainer in Manly West to get in top shape.

  1. The first task on your weight loss journey is to log in all the meals and activity. There are many mobile applications which help you track the activities and calculate the calories. Or maintain a dairy and note down all the gym sessions with personal trainer orjogging and walking sessions.Also note down all the calories consumed during the day. Many of the personal trainer in Manly West believe that maintaining a log helps you to keep a track of your fitness journey and achieve your goals faster.
  2. It is important to get enough sleep to stay fit. According to personal trainer in Manly West, maintaining regular timings to sleep and to wake-up increase alertness and prepare you for intense workouts. Minimum six to eight hours of sleep is required for adults and getting enough rest helps you to lose weight faster.
  3. Burn more calories by adding incline to your walk. The steeper the incline, the more calories you burn during the walk. It is noted that walking at an incline helps to burn fifteen percent more calories than walking on flat surface.
  4. Never skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast makes you crave for calorie-rich munchies later in the day. Have protein rich breakfast to stave off mid -day hunger. Eating eggs or yogurt for breakfast helps you to feel fuller and stay away for calorie rich junk food.
  5. High intensity interval Training is recommended by personal trainer in Manly West to lose weight faster. Aim to achieve an optimum intensity of 8 on ten. HITT helps to lose weight faster. Include HIIT of sixty minutes at least three days in a week to lose weight faster and increase your metabolism.