Food And Beverages With High Sugar Content No Longer Allowed Inn Hospitals

We are now in an era where restaurants can pre-order the ingredients they need through software solutions like Chef Mod while making sure that they are healthy and high quality. This is also the same era where more and more people are making healthier choices when it comes to food and beverages they consume.

The movement is now starting with an NHS hospital located in Greater Manchester. This is the first hospital in England to prohibit the consumption of food and beverages with sugar to all staff and patients.

After Tameside Hospital’s campaign regarding obesity, many already expected that other institutions will follow.

The new policy is so much more than the rule of health service passed last year because not only fizzy drinks are included in the ban.

Last year, Tameside started a program to help their staff lose weight in an attempt to fight obesity. It is common in clinicians because they consume unhealthy snacks during their long shifts to pass the time.

During the trial period, all snacks are not allowed and one nurse was able to shed two stones in just more than 12 weeks times. Other clinicians were able to lose 20 pounds during the trial.

The program was called Slimpod and a number of the participant undergone hypnotherapy which dictated them to not consume sugary food products. According to the chief executive of the hospital, Karen James, her staffs are hard workers and it is not easy to eat healthy when they work long hours and their shift patterns are ever changing. Up until that time, sweets are allowed in the hospital which they chose to eat during their breaks.

They recognize the fact that they are healthcare professionals who should serve as role models but they have little choice when their food environment is not cooperating.

Report published stated that one in every four nurses in the NHS is obese and this is an alarming number. Hopefully the hospitals will choose healthier suppliers such as Chef Mod which utilized software for online purchasing and recipe management. This way, hospital staffs and patients will be able to consume healthier food choices.