Government Defends Commoners Amidst Driveway Tax

Across United Kingdom, people living downtown, near train stations and sports complex are renting spare space, driveways, or other unused parking spaces off the street. The rental income provides for the middle class hard working families in the area. It also provides people looking for a parking space with an affordable or cheap space. They would not be bothered thinking that their cars will be towed away. Money experts have recommended these to households in urban and suburban areas. This is a very practical way of generating money.

However, there are those that oppose to this idea. Those seated in councils do not like this income generating business by small time folks. They argued that it will deprive them of making parking income. The council is actively seeking that these households should apply for a “change of use” in their planning permission. The planning fee will cost 385 pounds and the council is now pressuring households by imposing fines reaching 20,000 pounds if the home owners do not apply.

The government will publish a new guidance regarding the change of use of a certain household area. This new guideline will allow the public to rent their unused spaces without the need of a planning permission. Furthermore, household owners will only be granted permission if renting out will not hassle the public and neighbors. A clear distinction is being made between renting a parking space for a single car to park as opposed to altering your garden and make it into a car park for commercial use. The latter will clearly require a planning permission from the city while the aforementioned will not require any planning permission.

As the council is resisting this move by the government, the secretary of state for local government pointed out that the council should instead be welcoming this idea. This way, the hard working people will be enjoying extra cash. He further pressed on by saying that councils should not interfere with an honest activity by sincere people that causes no danger to other people.

Household owners are elated that the government is standing up for them against town hall bullies.