Grown Man Spends Thousands On My Little Money, Says He’s Proud Of His Interests

Vancouver, Canada — Rob Harrison, a male IT consultant, is known to spend thousands of money on My Little Pony merchandise just to satisfy his growing obsession with the animated TV series. He has been known to fill up his house with all kinds of My Little Pony memorabilia from toys to My Little Pony hoodies, pajamas and other types of clothing. The 34 year old Canadian says that he loves to dress up in My Little Pony costumes and loves to wear them with friends on Brony Conventions.

Rob is currently a single man and he has admitted that with his interests in the animated TV show, he has gained a lot of displeasure from other people. He says that when they laugh at him, the only response he gives is by laughing with them because it doesn’t actually bother him in any way.

Rob is a part of the numerous male fans who have openly expressed their love of the animated show, My Little Pony. My Little Pony was a hit for children back in the 80s and the 90s but its reboot in 2010 had ultimately spawned of millions of followers including adult males who call themselves the Bronies.

The first time Rob became involved with the show was back in 2013. He was asked to help out at BronyCAN, the biggest My Little Pony convention for men in Canada. He didn’t really express a liking to the show at first; even laughing at his ex-girlfriend for obsessing about it, but when he had met the Bronies at the convention he realized that they were a fun bunch. The determining factor, however, was the whole package beginning with the show, to its fans, merchandise and activities.

Rob has spends thousands on the My Little Pony merchandise. He has numerous collections placed all over his house. He has a considerable trading card game collection and says that the front of his room is full of My Little Pony figures. He has even travelled to Seattle, USA for the conventions held there and that he also wishes to go to the conventions in the UK and Germany.

Although he is obsessed with the show, Rob also said that if he met a girl and she wanted him to let go of My Little Pony, then he would, as the show is only an interest for him. He, however, said that he would not give up a piece of his life.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an animated show centering on a pony called Twilight Sparkle and her adventures with her other pony friends.