Having A Nightlife At A Trendy Bar In Sathorn

Khao San is reputed for the wild nightlife they can offer. There’s music, hard drinks, vendors, and bargain shopping. They provide the coolest and loudest music for everyone in the mood for dancing and unique adventures.

Not so far away is an equally lively night rather than some chaotic fun. They offer a quieter hub where people need not scream just to make a conversation. In this section of Bangkok, you can find a trendy bar in Sathorn that’s a bit laid back. These are the places where you find high society Thais and expat executives that relax and unwind after a long hectic day at the office.

Silom and Childlom

There isn’t any bargain shopping or food vendors here. But there are lots of restaurants and bars with floor to ceiling windows that provide a clear view of the city while you sip the best wine or whiskey. The Diplomatic Bar at the Conrad Bangkok Hotel can offer you a great atmosphere with elegant and jazzy surrounding. The Syn Bar at Swissotel Nai Lert Hotel can offer you intoxicating retro-future cocktails. The bars next to the Sarasin Road include Brown Sugar, 70s Bar and many more.

Silom and Sathorn Bars

You will find a trendy bar in Sathorn where you can have privacy and to unwind with colleagues or your clients. You can venture into the Noriega’s, the Barbican, Molly Malone’s, O’Reilleys, Zuk Bar, V9, Met Bar, My Bar and Hu’u. In here, you get a perfect balance of partying while conversing with people and having fun.


Most Western travellers flock on the riverside area of Bangkok. It is the most favourite among those who prefer romantic dates. It’s quietness and the panoramic view of the Chao Phraya river makes it a romantic mood for lovers. You’ll also find here some great hotels and restaurants. Or you can settle in trendy bars at the famous hotels like Mandarin Oriental, Millennium Hotel Bangkok and more.

Sukhumvit Bars

Aside from visiting a trendy bar in Sathorn, Sukhumvit bars are popular among the affluent. Children of the rich and famous come to hang out here. You’ll surely find lots of bars and pubs that can provide an ambiance without being boring.