Here Are The Things You Would Need To Consider Before Getting An En Suite Bathroom

Having an en suite bathroom can be a good investment for you since it can greatly increase the value of your home but aside from that, they also play well for a person who places a great value on privacy. It can be very difficult having to share one bathroom in a household. You can avoid the stress and the hassle by having your own bathroom in your room.

During the recession, getting an en suite bathroom seemed like an impractical option but now that the economy has improved a little, some people are now able to get the en suite bathroom that they so desired. If you’re one of these people, there are some things that you would need to consider first before getting an en suite bathroom.

  1. Go for wall-mounted furniture. If you want to make your furniture appear larger, go for wall-mounted ones because they are, in fact, built larger than floor standing furniture. For vanity units, whether you go for double basin vanity units or not, you should choose one that is mounted to a wall. Also, they make for better cleaning as it would be easier to clean the bathroom without having to move furniture.
  2. It’s all about the mirror. Mirrors can effectively magnify the size of the room and it would be a wise decision for you to make the most of your mirror. Try to avoid placing too many items in front of the mirror. Also, to give a more dramatic and relaxing feel, you can go for mirrors with built in lights.
  3. Portable Storage is the key to small bathrooms. If your en suite bathroom is not that big, you could go for a mobile trolley with built in baskets where you can place different toiletries and other items. When not in use, you can place them inside a closet.
  4. Hide the pipe works. Pipes can make the bathroom appear cluttered so it would be best that you conceal them. This is especially relevant when the pipe work is ugly. You can build a cabinet to hide the pipe work.