Hiring Tips For Installer Of Frameless Shower Screen In Melbourne

Hiring an installer for frameless shower screen in Melbourne is not a daunting task. However, you just have to be more meticulous in order to get a reliable installer who will do the works. You can find frameless shower screen installers on the internet and even from your yellow pages. You can also for recommendations from your friends or neighbours who recently hired an installer for their modern bathroom. To get the right installer, you may want to look at the following hiring tips.

Ask for license and insurance

One of the things that you would ask from an installer is his license and its validity. There are licensed installers but with expired license. Hiring an installer without due license means that he would not be held liable if ever there are mishaps during the installation process. Along with license, you should also look for liability insurance. this will give you the peace of mind that any damage in your property would be compensated and the installer would be held liable for it.

Ask for quotes

Look for an installer of frameless shower screen in Melbourne that provides free cost estimates. Getting such would give you an idea how much you are going to spend for the project. Ask for quotes from three different installers so you can easily compare who among the service providers will provide more value for your money.

Ask for references

Before you hire an installer of frameless shower screen, ask for the contact information of some of the installer’s previous customers to find out how the installer fared during his previous projects. Ask the customer if he can confidently recommend the installer and if he encountered problems during the project. In addition to references, ask from the installer of frameless shower screen in Melbourne for photos to get an idea on how good the installer is. Ask for photos of his previous projects. This will help you decide whether to hire the installer or not. You should also read customer feedback and ratings as an added reference.