House Spaces That Sell

Spring signals the beginning of another season – the house hunting season which Melburnians treat as a sport.


Kitchens and bathrooms


There is nothing more like a wonderfully designed kitchen or a bathroom with plenty of wow elements that slow a person down.


According to Steven Whiting who is a principal of Whiting Architects, kitchens as well as bathrooms are where house sellers make a statement.


Real estate agents agree on this point that these spaces make the biggest difference for buyers and that walk-in wardrobes and storage spaces are also up there on the list.


Tom Roberts from Nelson Alexander also agree that these spaces get the price of a home higher.


Kitchens are more than dining areas


Kitchens, in particular, have changed to become the focal point of a house. It is no longer a place to just prepare for meals. The space is now embracing the active, open, well-trafficked living or dining area.


The kitchen is now where family as well as friends gather and chat, usually around an island bench. It is where kids do homework, where parents go online to catch up on the day’s events or to shop, or where they relax with a bottle of wine.


The boundary of the kitchen is starting to become blurred according to Whiting.


There is also an element of lifestyle in kitchens. This is where people play at Masterchef and entertain. These are pleasures which gave rise to high end appliances and coffee stations.


Bathrooms are more than washing or bathing areas


Bathrooms also have changed to become more than just washrooms. In many cases, bathrooms take on comforts like what five star hotels have. Similar with kitchens, bathrooms are already integrated with spaces like wardrobes or bedrooms.


Personal spaces


Whiting mentions that kitchens and bathrooms are personal spaces. They are designed functionally and aesthetically from an occupant’s habits or behaviors.


Consequently, newly renovated spaces for kitchens and bathrooms have quality materials and great design. They also have great fixtures and fittings like oak and stone top vanity units (for example, a Single or a Double Basin Vanity Unit) or storage cabinets and spaces which are plus points for vendors.