How Emergency Plumbers Rescued Sweetie From The Sewer Pipes

There have been various reports of strange objects that have been pulled out by emergency plumbers from sewer pipes. In most cases, these objects result into a blockage that affects the efficiency of the plumbing system. However, this time it is different because emergency plumbers managed to save a seven-week old puppy when it got stuck 48 meters down the sewer pipe.

Sweetie the Kununurra canine got stuck in the internal plumbing on her owner’s home. First to arrive on the scene were Simon Hayes, Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberly senior ranger and Trent Mettam, another ranger. Plumbers Sam Bodycoat and Jesse Shaw from IBAC Plumbing followed after receiving a call at about six in the afternoon.

Sweetie made her way from the internal plumbing to the wastewater system. Someone from the Water Corporation had to open an access point so that the puppy can be rescued. The emergency plumbers made use of a specialized camera with a light at one end that they use for pipe inspections. They found out that the puppy had travelled 48 meters from where she started.

From the access point, the plumbers used their specialized plumbing equipment. It was inserted through the first access point so that Sweetie can be guided to freedom in the form of a ranger’s dog noose. Four hours after Sweetie’s ordeal inside the sewer pipe, she was finally brought out. According to Bodycoat, the puppy’s heartbeat was going a million miles a minute and was in a smelly situation.

Ben Hay, the owner of IBAC said that it was a good thing that plumbers Bodycoat and Shaw made the effort to donate their time to the rescue. Even RinoTrolio, the regional manager of Water Corporation praised the efforts of the agencies involved. Without the timely rescue made by the group, the emergency situationwould have easily ended into a tragedy.

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