How Technology Is Helping The Home Improvement Industry

Years ago, if a homeowner wanted to hire the services of painters and decorators for a home improvement project, they had to call a neighbor or some friends. There is a desperate search for whosoever can vouch for a worker who will be allowed to enter the home. However with technology, a homeowner can find contractors, get quotes and fix appointments without literally moving from the couch.

Recently, online home-service companies have cropped up to offer homeowners something that would otherwise be difficult to find – a level of trust when searching for a contractor. These services are different from online listings because they are making the effort to build relationships between customers and professionals.

Initial hesitation towards online services is common but since consumers are already buying their food and clothes online, it makes sense that they will also look for help online to carryout home projects. Seattle has become the hub for home improvement marketplace with, and a division of Zillow known as Digs that is active in the region. In fact the industry is already crowded with Angle’s List, Houzz and Google that made an entry in August.

During the recession, remodeling took a 15% to 20% hit but now home improvements and repairs are predicted to become a $300 billion industry. Remodeling industry that is one of the most fragmented in the economy but it is being boosted by technology because it is creating opportunities in the market.

Technology is helping customers connect with contractors so that they will know in advance the estimated costs of the project. Online sites are convincing customers that their professionals do the best job at fair prices. Everything has been made more simple and efficient.

For example, a customer who buys a bookshelf from Amazon can easily book for a professional to do the installation. People are also writing reviews for products and services. Home professionals are not required to pay to advertise with Amazon; however, they are vetted rigorously before they can participate on the site.

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