How The Fabric Of Roller Blinds Can Reduce Energy Consumption

Perth’s best roller blinds are simple and elegant and can provide an uncluttered way to dress a window. With various styles to choose from roller blinds present the perfect opportunity to personalize a room. An open weave fabric can allow a certain level of privacy and eliminate glare and heat. A Translucent fabric will allow sunlight inside a room yet provide privacy.

Screen Nature Ultimetal is part of Hunter Douglas’ roller blind range EOS 500 with the innovative modular roller blind system that has about 300 interchangeable components. Hunter Douglas has launched a new line of sun control fabric that can reduce energy costs on GCC buildings by at least 25%.

In order to demonstrate the strong potential for building sustainability, GCC has hosted 1,235 LEED-rated projects with 837 (68%) in UAE based on the report of Ventures Middle East. UAE is the region’s leader when it comes to Green buildings. Dubai has the most ambitious plans to be energy efficient by 2030 at a cost of US$ 820 million.

In order to support sustainable buildings, Hunter Douglas has released the new Screen Nature Ultimetal sun control fabric that reflects 70% of solar energy that strikes buildings to substantially reduce energy costs. Skyscrapers have a lot of glass and new Screen Nature Ultimetal can cut the amount of energy necessary for cooling by 25% by blocking out glare while minute holes allow for light and openness.

Skyscrapers in particular need advanced solutions to cope with harsh daylight while seeing to it that people enjoy comfortable climate and visibility. Screen Nature Ultimetal addresses sustainable sun control while providing visual appeal and thermal performance and substantially reducing energy consumption.

Screen Nature Ultimetal is made from fiberglass material with reflective aluminum layer. It is fire-safe and free from PVC, odors and toxic vapors. PVC is not an environmentally friendly option in terms of production and recyclability that is why the yarns used in Screen Nature Ultimetal have the patented organic coating that offers excellent protection. The fabric cuts into half the solar heat gain coming from windows so that interior temperature will remain pleasant during summer without the need for additional cooling.