How To Enjoy Night Outs In Sydney

If you are a local then you know that the city has one of the most complicated laws when it comes to drinking. One might think that setting up a bar is as simple as buying booze and bar stools online to furnish the place but the fact is that you also have to exert more effort when it comes to attracting customers.

The city is known for its beach culture and many iconic landmarks worth seeing such as the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. Many visitors have also acclaimed the city for its great offerings when it comes to night entertainment.

However, in the last couple of years, laws have become a little complicated and it has since affected the nightlife of the city. It started in 2014 when fatal drunken attacks occurred and the government of New South Wales created a new law that imposed a number of new policies when it comes to nightlife in the city.

The Sydney scene has since then been dominated with lower-alcohol offerings and more like spritz style. The closing time is also earlier than before. This does not mean that the people will not be able to enjoy the nightlife in the city, as long as they know where to go.

The first thing that came out is the lockout laws. This stops the patrons from going to the venue once the clock has strikes 1:30 in the morning and alcohol will no longer be served once it is 3 in the morning. The following rules tackle the types of alcohols that are acceptable to be served once it is 12 midnight. This means that whisky sour can be taken before midnight but after that only the acceptable cocktails are going to be served. This goes the same for neat spirits.

If you are planning to open a bar in Sydney then you should not only concern yourself with your decorations and with purchasing bar stools online but it is vital to be well acquainted of these laws. As of writing, there is an organization named Keep Sydney Open that is petitioning for the nightlife in the city to be saved.