Improving English Teaching Skills Through Refresher Training Courses

Foreign language teachers in Vietnam have to meet the six-level standard at different education levels. For general school teachers, the standards must be met by 2020 in order to continue with the teaching position. One of the options to meet the standards set forth by education department is to take refresher training courses.

According to the deputy director of Quang Ngai Education and Training Department, Nhuyen Minh Tri, at least 80% of the foreign language teachers of Vietnam have been certified to meet the national standards; however, the figures are still questionable if they truly reflect the teacher’s capabilities.

Many parents are curious whether their children can use foreign language for daily communication or for future work if they allow the children to study foreign languages as requested by the school. According to a representative of Tay Nguyen University, about 47% of students were not able to meet the requirements to finish school last year. At least 79% of the students could not meet the requirements of foreign language skills. One of the parents in Hanoi believed that students will not be fluent in English unless they attend a language learning school.

Nguyen Thuy Hoang is sending his daughter to a foreign language learning school where English lessons are being taught by highly experienced native English speakers.  He is doubtful whether his daughter will learn English that is being taught in general schools considering that they only do grammar exercises and practice writing. General schools do not have listening and speaking lessons which are required to learn English.

When teaching English, the focus must be on listening and speaking not on writing and reading to prepare for exams. Education experts believe in the importance of upgrading the quality of English teachers. Teachers who want reforms and need guidance including those who advocate reforms must be given the refresher training course.

Many students dream of teaching in Thailand because it is a mentally and financially rewarding position. In order to achieve the dream, the best option is to take TEFL course tailored for the needs. A teaching job is guaranteed to those who have obtained TEFL certification.