Indian Arrivals Up15%: Single House Bang Na Among To Benefit

Nowadays, almost everyone can fly from any origin point to any given destination one can think thanks to the emergence of newer and in some instances, cheaper airline companies which have reasonably cheaper air fares compared to the big guys in the industry. And since the airline industry has gotten bigger and the competition among companies has become equally stronger, even the leading companies in the industry are being forced to bring down their usually expensive rates because whether they like it or not, the cheaper rates being offered by their competitors to frequent flyers are taking away a big number of their usual passengers. Now, among the countries in the Asia Pacific Region, Thailand has been emerging as one of the premiere aviation hubs not just in the Asian continent but among the best and widely-recognized aviation hubs in the whole world. This success can be attributed to the initiatives of various Thai airline companies to launch more international routes from and to Thailand which in turn, can boost the number of international tourists who will be visiting various Thai destinations and probably will be staying at a single house Bang Na.

Earlier this month, it has been reported by the officials from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, along with the service providers form the tourism industry such as an owner of a single house Bang Na, that Thailand as a whole, has recorded a 15% increase in the number of Indian nationals who visited different Thai destinations during the first 6 months of the year 2017. In fact, the Indians rank among 6th in terms of the number of arrivals recorded and Indians from Southern India make up 30% of that total number. Also, tourism officials are expecting that there will be at least, a 14% increase in the revenue that will be generated from the Indian market during the whole of 2017. The sudden surge of the number of Indians who are visiting Thailand can be pointed towards the launch of direct flights from Kochi to Thailand back in 2016 which essentially made flying to and from Thailand a lot easier for Indian nationals.