International Singer To Open Online Store The Same Time As The Super Bowl Halftime Show

The internationally known singer who had popularized a number of chart-topping songs will not only be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, she is also planning to open an online retail store at the same time so that the viewers will be able to purchase merchandise while watching.

Katy Perry, alongside the Universal Music Group and the beverage giant, Pepsi, has partnered themselves with a technological company that is known for providing interactive commerce services called DeliveryAgent. Together with said company, they will be able to offer merchandise to Perry’s fans while they are watching her perform in the big game.

DeliveryAgent is also known for another commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. Last year, H&M hired the company for an interactive commercial starring the retired international football superstar, David Beckham, allowing the viewers who own Samsung TVs to buy the underwear that Beckham is modeling through the use of their remote controls.

This year, however, Samsung TVs will not be the only medium that allows the viewers to make purchases. Viewers will also be able to purchase items through YouTube, music application Shazam, Twitter and Roku streaming devices.

Visa, a known digital payments company, has also partnered with the venture so that they could display the future of payments. Viewers will be allowed to make payments through Visa.

Four special accessories and clothing will be featured on the online retail store. They will be revealed the same time the store opens when Katy Perry begins the Halftime show. Many advertisers such as Pepsi would advertise the store through TV ads or tweets until the start of the mid-game. The merchandise being sold in the online store will remain on sale until 8 pm of Tuesday.

The Super Bowl is expected to have 184 million American viewers and what better way to sell merchandise than by opening up an online store. Online retail stores have become popular for many individuals in the past years. Its popularity still continues to rise with more people opting for online shopping than the traditional malls. There are lots of online stores who have gained popularity in selling certain types of products. A good example is TV Store Online which sells TV and movie costumes and accessories.

Online stores have become such a hit and it is expected that the online store Katy Perry is opening will also be a success.