Is Free College In California Possible?

It was only recently when the state of New York announced their Excelsior Scholarship program which is designed to cover the tuition fee of students who are planning to join the State University under the system of New York. It is the first of its type of scholarship program that was launched in the country and viewed by many as a stepping stone in achieving free college education. People are now curious as to the possibility of something like this happening in California especially in the current system of the University of California.

The problem is that the scholarship will come with limitations, as every scholarship does and that is the very reason why scholarships such as the Excelsior Scholarship will not be possible in the state of California. You have to keep in mind the difference between the two states when it comes to size, the square footage alone with the population will show how big the gap is between New York and California. The funding needed for a state as big as California would be humungous as well and it is not feasible in a state that is already burdened with so much debt.

The scholarship will not be accessible to all because it will only be limited to qualified students who are coming from middle class families. The middle class groups are those that do not receive financial aid but also the same group that are not able to afford paying for the full amount in order to go to college. While it may be helpful for those who from low income families, the tuition fee is not the only expense they have to pay since they would need to fund their housing, books as well as daily meals and some may not be able to afford this.

The college system in California is not ideal as well because a student would have to allot five to six years before finishing their education. While this program along with other programs such as Fellowship Offer for People with Glasses is still far from reaching free college tuition for all, this is definitely a good start in the right direction.