John Motson And His Sheepskin Are Ready For Retirement

One cannot deny the fact that sheepskin boots are comfortable and warm thus many people are opting for sheepskin materials when choosing their winter gears. One of them is John Motson, the famous commentator as well as an expert on the BBC. A new era is coming to an end because of John Motson’s plan to enter retirement this coming summer. Motson is popular because he has been in the scene for a long time. One of his trademarks is his sheepskin and his way of talking behind the microphone which gives him the energy of a young boy. He is planning to retire in 2018 after serving as a national broadcaster for 50 years.

He came to fame at the beginning of the 1970s because he played the role of a commentator during the third-round replay of the FA Cup. It was a celebration like no other for the Hereford fans because they won over Newcastle. Not to mention the fact that Ronnie Radford was able to accomplish a 35-yard shot. This game has become an iconic moment in sports featured in a television broadcast.

Motson said that the FA Cup was memorable to him because the game was only the very reason why he got his place in the map. His commentary during that time was appreciated by the fans not because of the words he uttered but because of the tone with which it was delivered in. From then, he was known for his excitement when speaking behind the microphone and it is what helped him rise among the ranks of BBC announcers. He was then chosen to be a fixed part of Match of the Day as well as a live commentator during the England internationals.

According to Motson, he may have commentated to more than 2,000 matches in his entire career. He thought about celebrating his 50 years on BBC this year and thought that it would be the best time to execute his exit. He may have to retire but his sheepskin will always be with him and he might need sheepskin boots to pair it with as he travels more after retirement.