Landscaping Project In Lewes Library Cost More Than The Allotted Budget

The newly built Lewes Public Library was set to have its landscaping project. It was back in 2014 when the budget was set at $4,500 for the estimated cost of the landscape. This year, the original figure was said to be insufficient as the budget needed is over five times the original estimated cost.

The chairman of Parks and Recreation, Alison Kirk, showed the city council the estimated cost for the library section which is referred to as Thompson property. She surveyed from two landscaping companies and the cost is expected to be between $20,000 and $25,000. The figure was unexpected for the officials because they have already approved a budget previously and it was for only $10,000. The figure was already a total estimate for the while parcel which covers 5.9 acres. The previously estimated budget already includes the newly build trailhead together with the open space which is located at the back of the library.

The new budget is only estimated for the library section, not including the whole plot. Lewes in Bloom has already presented a plan to develop a garden designed for all ages which is to be built at the back of the library and they have already assumes the costs of the future maintenance.

According to Kirk, Distinctive Landscaping which is the landscaper of the city has already pledged to maintain the property surrounding the library while staying within the budget which is $10,000. The rest will be up to the city in order to not go over budget thus they have to perform at least one mulching and weeding.

If they are willing to pay the full budget at $25,000, the landscaping company will be in charge of everything including pruning, mulching, cleaning up of the debris and leaves after as well as fertilizing. The chairman for the library design committee, Ned Butera, expressed that the previous estimate of the landscape architect is obviously not enough since the maintenance is expected to be quite expensive. This is why it is important to get an estimate from a trusted landscaper such as Spring landscaping design, in order to stay within the budget.