Latest Interactive Maps Developed For Zika Virus

Because of the increasing number of people that are affected by the Zika infections all over America, more and more people are getting worried and they are asking if how far the virus is going to spread and if any of them are at risk of contracting the disease.

In the United States alone, around 1,300 people have already been confirmed to have Zika and out of the total number there are 400 pregnant women infected while seven babies have been diagnosed. The Zika virus is known to be brought by foreign mosquitoes and can be transferred from person to person through sexual contact or pregnancy.

Mosquitoes that are found in the United States may now be carrying the virus after it has been discovered that a woman from Miami have been diagnosed with the virus despite the fact that she has not recently travelled anywhere abroad. The health officials are yet to rule out the possibility that she may have sexual contact with someone who is infected with the virus.

Control teams are now already on the works to test various native mosquitoes to make sure whether Zika is already in the country.

In order to have a perspective of the damages and development of Zika virus within a year since its discovery, a new set of interactive maps have been launched. It shows what part of the maps Zika is currently treated and how many patients have already been diagnosed as well as information on which cities are in possible danger of contracting the disease.

The graphics also shows calculations on the range of the mosquitoes that are carrying the Zika virus which are Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. The map has since shown that there are states in the country that have zero chance of experiencing an epidemic caused by the virus.

Maps such as these provide very important information especially where the health of the citizens is at risk. For other types of maps such as the illustrated maps, it is geared toward creativity and can be used as a piece to beautify a home.