London Hotel Rated Five Star Yet Hygiene Is Said To Be Two-Star Only

If you visit the United Kingdom, you will find out that there are hundreds of hotels within the city. One of them is a five star hotel that is located in Central London with nightly room rates that starting at £191. The problem is that they are keeping something from the guests – their hygiene rating is quite poor.

According to an investigation that was conducted by Which?, a consumer group, there are around 652 hotels including B$Bs and guesthouses were not able to pass the hygiene inspection of the FSA or Food Standards Agency. But these establishments were able to hide the result of their ratings from the customers because properties within Scotland and England are no required to show off their ratings.

The Royal Horseguards is a five star hotel found in Central London. It currently has two AA rosettes but its food hygiene rating awarded by the FSA is only two out of the total five. The Dean Court Hotel located in York is a worse story because it has been awarded as four-star establishment and is included in the Best Western premier Collection with two AA rosettes yet its food hygiene rating is only one.

The Novotel located in Birmingham city centre was visited by inspectors from FSA and there they witnesses flies around the areas where food is prepared and there is poor practice of cleanliness as a whole.

Local councils from Northern Ireland, Wales as well as England are represented by the environmental health officers to rate food business. Rating starts at 0 which means that it requires urgent improvement while 5 is the highest rating afforded by the standard. Scotland, on the other hand, only rates between a pass and an improvement required status.

The results of the inspection can be seen at the website of the FSA and the establishments are given stickers which shows their score rating but the problem is that it is not mandatory to place those stickers to customers can see them. This practice is not only prevalent in the UK but also in Thailand. This is why most tourists would take a 3 star hotel in Bangkok rather than a 5 star one without assurance of the food rating.