Looming Shortage Of Skilled Workers In Townsville

There is always a strong demand for electrician in Wynnum because of their track record of professionalism and reliability in every job they do. The most common reasons why a homeowner will require an electrician is to fix electrical issues inside the home; however, expert electricians are also capable of providing electrical installations, electrical inspections and maintenance and repair services.

Between 2012 and 2015, Townsville lost about 350 construction businesses. Previously, Townsville was the largest business registration sector in the local government area. The exodus of construction companies created a skill’s shortage in spite of high unemployment rates.

According to Colin Dwyer, the loss of 10% in the business sector made a very strong impact to the business community as well as the workforce that was not required to move to their locations. It is highly possible that most of the skilled workers moved to Brisbane and the Gold Coast where there is a lot of construction work due to the Commonwealth Games.

North Queensland is on a rebuilding phase after the destruction caused by Cyclone Debbie. Skilled labour particularly electricians are required for major solar projects. There is also a strong demand for tradesmen to rebuild Whitsundays and the Bowen regions. There is high demand for electricians to build the Ross River solar farm, Sun Metals, Edify Energy and Kennedy Energy Park projects.

There is a sustainable amount of work for skilled labour in Townsville. Electricians earn $75 per hour in Townsville while their counterparts in Brisbane receive only $35. The skill shortage is worsening that is why Dwyer is encouraging school leavers and older unemployed persons to upgrade their skills so that they can take advantage of the demand. In certain areas, it is very difficult to find electricians with training and experience because they are more attracted to bigger projects.

The strong demand for electrician in Wynnum is not surprising because they pay attention to details to get the job done right the first time. This saves the homeowners a lot of money and time because there is no need for re-work. Homeowners also enjoy peace of mind knowing that their electrical installations are safe and free from risks.