Luxury Residences Create Unique Experiences For Millennials

The hospitality industry composed of hotels, bed & breakfasts, luxury residences, apartments and guesthouses is going all out to attract the millennial population who love to travel on their own terms.  Members of the millennial generation who are usually in their 20’s and early 30’s have the means to travel and they are looking for unique experiences when they venture out to distant locations like Bangkok.

According to Fraser’s Hospitality Group that recently opened a new property in Berlin, millennials are the fastest growing market of the hospitality industry because they have the purchasing power. However, to appeal to the millennial, the next wave of hotels must offer something different because when the millennials visit, they want to be surprised.

Capri by Fraser Berlin brand ensured that the 143-room accommodation in the city centre of Berlin has a distinctive design and aesthetic inspired by the city itself. The archaeological excavation site that was inadvertently discovered while the hotel was being constructed can be viewed through a glass floor on the hotel’s lobby.

In Singapore, the property’s brand in Changi Business Park has suites that have been designed in collaboration with Mercedes Benz. Unique design elements are very important to keep pace with the evolving hotel landscape. While a unique design does not mean an immediate success, it offers the element of surprise to visitors.

Hotels are no longer just commodities that provide visitors with a room to stay in and a dining room to eat their meals; they are expected to be a lifestyle and an experience. Other hotels are revising and improving their brands to cater to the millennial traveller that is looking for a unique experience. For example, a serviced apartment with Instagram-worthy features can offer a more curated experience by allowing a piano to be playedin the room.

Whether the reason for travel is business or leisure, there is luxury residence in Bangkok that will allow you a unique experience. There is a super comfortable and welcoming lobby and a library where you can browse through books and periodicals. On the third floor is a pool where you can unwind and relax after exploring the sights in Bangkok.