Minor League Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters In July

Have you ever had the luck or is it misfortune to receive an unappealing but iconic sweater from UglyChristmasSweater.com? To most people, ugly Christmas sweaters do not appeal and it is very unlikely that they will wear a sweater that has blinking Christmas lights. However, UglyChristmasSweater.com has literally become an iconic brand name because the sweaters are unusual and definitely ugly; something you will never include in your Christmas wish list.

However, in Tennessee the minor league players decided to wear ugly Christmas sweater jerseys as part of a promotional gimmick. The Christmas-themed jerseys won’t be setting a fashion trend from the looks of it and it is very odd thinking of Christmas when it is still July. But the Tennessee Smokies are wearing the outrageous ugly Christmas sweater-themed jerseys for a good cause.

The Tennessee Smokies is known for its talented players across all levels and the minors have become rather popular for being creative with the promotions that run over the course of the season. Their objective with the unique promotional gimmicks is to increase attendance and to provide the fans with an extra incentive for coming to the ballpark.

Their promotions range from discounting items over the course of the season or have the players do something special. This July, the theme of their promotion is Christmas in July and the ugly Christmas sweater is only part of a promotion.
The interesting part of the Christmas in July promotion is that the jerseys worn during the games will be auctioned off for the benefit of the Remote Area Medical. Another interesting aspect of the promotion is for the first 1,000 fans of the game to receive a snow globe. It is not every day that a sports team will be thinking of promotions for a good cause but Tennessee Smokies are doing something special.

This type of promotions that the Tennessee Smokies have been doing can only happen in the minor league and it is very difficult to envision an MLB team wearing ugly Christmas jerseys. There are clubs that would opt for alternate jerseys for special occasions during the regular season but nothing similar to what the minor league has worn today.