Moving Company Worker Charged With Extortion

There are many people who migrate or choose to relocate someplace else because of better opportunities and thus require the services of moving companies. However, these moving companies in Toronto are now giving people the reason to conduct their own investigations when choosing the right one.

Police was tipped that Toronto-based moving companies were allegedly involved in holding the possessions of certain clients. It was said that two Alberta families were their victims.

The investigation started last month when two families who were moving to Eastern Canada said that they were defrauded. The police were concerned that they were not the only victims, but there could actually be more that have not reported about their case. Police has already arrested a suspect for the ongoing investigation.

According to acting Inspector Ian Nicholl, the employee gave the customers quotes which they chose not to honor later on. He went on to say that the employee also used grossly inflated load weight, obviously intended to increase the costs involved, and then hold the properties of clients if they refused to pay the extortionate fees.

The accused is a 33-year old employee. Investigators are in the process of searching for additional suspects who may be guilty of fraud and extortion. Nicholl says that it’s possible that there are other victims outside of Ontario. They are now warning the public against using the moving companies under the brands Ryder Moving, Green Moving, Capital Moving Services, and Landmark Van Lines.

This should serve as a reminder to the public to be careful in dealing with dubious companies. When relocating, choose trusted moving companies that will give you clear quotes like Global Relocations. Ask early on if there are hidden charges involved so that you won’t be surprised with extra charges later on.

Another important tip is to always read customer reviews. If it is not rated positively by customers as what you can see from Global Relocations, then you are better off looking for another provider. Take note that there are literally hundreds of moving companies out there and finding the right one can be a daunting task. Do your research before sticking to one.