No Fence To Be Installed At Site Of Accident In I-83

The residence of the Treichler is located at a hill just next to the Interstate 83. This is very near the road that one can hear the deafening sounds of the vehicles and smell the fumes coming from their exhaust. As soon as commercial trucks pass by, the household is able to fee the rumbling of the road. In other places such as in Perth, it would be considered safe for the council to hire Perth fence contractors such as in order to secure the area but this is not the same with I-83 even after the death of a 6-year-old boy.

Lynn Treichler is the grandmother of that little boy. She has been living at the same spot for the majority of her 49 years. She is currently living there with her family.

She admitted that over the years, there have been numerous instances wherein animals are found on the road including a handful of their pet dogs.

With the recent death of her grandson, Bryce, they are questioning why no one in authority is proposing to build a fence on the interstate.

It was the 4th of July when Bryce decided to ride his dirt bike. He lost control of his bike and went off passing through the embankment and straight to the road. He was hit by a pickup which inflicted blunt force trauma causing the death of the boy.

He was under supervision while he was riding the dirt bike. The bike was a gift last Christmas and he has been riding it on a regular basis. The bike comes with a built-in governor so that its maximum speed will only be 10 miles per hour. It is also equipped with training wheels.

Despite these, he still rode straight to the road unless there was a fence around the area but there was none.

According to PennDOT, they are not required to have fences on the interstate as stated by the Interstate Design Standard which the country follows for the specific industry standard.

The family at a loss because in other countries such as Australia, the government hire Perth fence contractors in order to install fence that will safeguard both the people walking in the sidewalk and the motorists. The family is not blaming anyone for the death of Bryce but the tragedy would have been avoided if they have only listened to the request of the family to build fence years ago.