No Traditional School Desks For A Teacher In North Hagerstown High

Visiting one of the classes in North Hagerstown High, you will be able to see that the sophomore student John Hardman is leaning back in his still chair while his iPad is situated on his thighs. His feet can be seen resting on the second shelf of a shelving unit made of metal which serves as the table. This scene is not unusual in the said English class.

Just a seat in front of John is Ashley Cabrera and her seatmate, Alice Poffenberger. Both of them are sitting on crates that are covered with fabric. On top of these crates are seat cushions while their table is a short one that resembles the one used by elementary schools.

Across them is Heather Meyers who is also a sophomore. She is sitting on a grey yoga ball and her back is straight as it could be while her iPad is resting on a round table.

The teacher of the English class in North Hagerstown High School, Lisa Fichthorn-Scumpieru, is the mastermind behind the makeover. She decided to let go of all the traditional desks. She started this practice when the new school year started.

Before the makeover, her classroom has the traditional combo of desk with chairs. The chairs used to have an L-shaped desk that covers the students on their right side. The chairs had a rack located under for storage of books.

Scumpieru shared that she saw how the students were very uncomfortable with the old style of the desks and seats. It is hard for them to turn and students who are taller or larger do not fit well into it. The set up made it difficult for the students to use their iPad along with other learning materials.

She revealed that she got the inspiration from pictures that she saw while browsing Twitter. These images are also from teachers who are starting to makeover their own classrooms. When she got the approval from James Aleshire, the principal of the school, she got rid of the high school chairs and desks and brought in different furniture from her own home.