One Step Forward For Argentina With The Approval Of Gender Parity Law

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It was totally unexpected but a group of Latin women in the lower house of Argentina Congress demanded for the approval of a stalled bill on gender parity in political representation. During the long parliamentary session, there were lots of arguments and resistance but the initiative was finally approved to become a law by the greater majority.

It was a historic step for Argentina politics. On the next legislative elections that will be held in 2019, all lists of candidates for Congress must specifically alternate the names of male and female candidates for equal participation in both houses. According to the law, women must be present in half the lists of candidates for national positions of political parties although in this case, alternation of men and women is not required.

It was an intelligent strategy to revive an issue that has always been put off. Once the agreement to vote was reached, almost everyone was in favor of the measure. After all, there was no justification for lawmakers to vote against the gender parity law. ELA was one of the many civil society organizations that demanded for the approval of the gender parity bill which was stalled for more than 10 years.

The approval of the gender parity law is one step forward for Argentina. It became the 5th country to regulate parity in parliamentary representation. Ecuador was the first Latin American country that gave constitutional status to gender parity in elective posts.

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