Online Classes Provided By Tuition Agencies In Singapore

There is a long list of tuition agency in Singapore because of the demand from students who are looking for help in their academic subjects. With the innovation technology has provided, online tuition is now starting to gain popularity in the country. Over 15 tuition agencies as well as private tutors have included online classes in their service. This is a deviation from the traditional sessions where it is done face to face.

According to parents and tutors, the online tutoring services provide more convenience compared to a personal encounter. With online tuition, all they need to have is an application that supports video chat like Google Hangouts or Skype. The worksheets are then shared though online tools such as Dropbox.

Berdine Yeo is a 14 year old student currently enrolled at PayaLebar Methodist Girls’ School in the secondary level. She revealed that she is now having a weekly session online under a math tuition agency in Singapore. Her parents paid $200 annually and she is now two years with the program. This is in preparation for her PSLE or Primary School Leaving Examination.

Despite having face to face tutoring, the online classes served as her supplement. According to her father, Yeo See Kiat, a 48 years old working as a manager, she gets extra help through the online tuition and she is also able to practice more with the subject of Mathematics.

The IB Super Tuition Centre used to offer only face to face sessions up until a year ago when it decided to offer online tutoring. They tutor various subjects and data showed that compared to last year, the number of students enrolled in their online sessions have increased by 500 per cent. The centre started with three online students and now there are 15 enrolled in the service.

According to Jason Tan, a professor at the National Institute of Education, there are students that are able to learn on their own and there are those that needs the assistance of tutors from a tuition agency in Singapore. There are students that require supervision in order to keep their focus or else they will be doing something else.