Online Store Builder For Free Without Any Strings Attached

People are not used to getting things for free especially if it concerns something that generates revenue. In Indonesia, there are online shop builders with free trial period so that the product can be tested however; both local consumers and enterprising entrepreneurs believe the tool is not offered for free.

Contrary to the belief of many, MobiFOR, an online store builder in Jakarta hailing from Lithuania allows users to create an online store easily even without any programming skills. According to its co-founder Nerijus MobiFOR is receiving a lot of attention after a great start in Lithuania. This is the reason why they are adopting the online store builder for Indonesia.

The goal of the project is to encourage people who want to be entrepreneurs so that they can try ecommerce. According to another co-founder of MobiFOR  Andrius Stepaitis, their store builder has an advantage over other sites like Shopify because it is offered to users for free so that they can build a fully functional store without any percentage of the user’s sales transactions. The online store builder also offers free hosting, responsive design for mobile and search engine optimization (SEO). There is no limit to the number of products that the user can upload and sell.

Most potential entrepreneurs are interested in the product but their common question is “What is the catch?” The answer is MobiFOR’s free package is limited only to 300 megabytes of data and does not offer multiple currency options. A premium package on the other hand that includes one gigabyte of storage and multiple currency options cost €7 (US$ 8) per month. Also included are PDF invoices, gift wrapping and several other services required by a serious online business.

The premium plan also includes more designs to choose from and additional modules like newsletters, blogs, sliders and useful ecommerce features. If you will compare, MobiFOR is significantly cheaper at US$8 each month that the cheapest package offered by Shopify.

An online store builder is definitely an advantage for entrepreneurs who are interested in ecommerce. Even if you have a physical store, a website is important because it increases brand awareness not to mention the fact that more and more people prefer to shop online.