Owner Of Kids Quality Clarks Summit Looking To Sell Business

In late October, Rebecca Bruner displayed a big sign in her store front window of Kids Quality, a seller of new and slightly-used children’s clothes and toys.

Store front signs to attract buyers

The banner says, “BUSINESS FOR SALE,” with big red letters in a yellow background.

After eight days, Bruner then added another sign to a different window that reads, “EVERYTHING MUST GO!”

Whether a sale of her entire business or a complete clearance of the inventory, Bruner’s time is now down to just a few weeks. She plans to stay open only until the 24th of December at the latest if her store will not change owners or her inventory still stay in the racks.

She is now excited of what’s to come next. She mentioned that her next endeavour won’t include retail sales.

The window signs came as a surprise for her many customers, according to her.

For her, family matters more and not the Kids Quality’s business health. Two of her children are living in Florida. One of her 3 grandchildren is also living there too.

She and her husband John are excited about spending their winter in Florida.

Her business involvement will end before its 16th anniversary. The Kids Quality opened in January 2001. It was located on State Street but relocated at 126 Depot Street in 2007. It was previously a consignment shop, and now all its inventory is store owned.

Clothing is its main line, and these run from infant to teen sizes for girls and boys. New toys are also being sold. She has already re-priced the items between $1 to $25.

Some people already showed an interest to buy her store. She also preferred for it to keep going.


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