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    How Landlords In Toronto Compete With New Office Towers

    In order to be competitive in an environment of new office towers and high vacancy rates, Canada’s landlords are refreshing their old office spaces with new build-ups to attract small and medium sized companies. Although the concept of office staging is not new, it has become a growing trend for the last 18 months.

    CBRE has recently released a report on office staging and fitouts that have significantly increased across the established markets of Canada. Landlords can compete with co-working spaces by mixing open concept with private office spaces with small vacant rooms to serve the requirements of potential tenants. Tenants are offered with modern amenities like space for their breakout rooms and kitchen layouts.

    Smaller companies and start-ups require more flexible and creative options and if landlords can provide for these needs, they can cultivate partnerships and opportunities along the way. Based on the results of the CBRE Research, at least a third of the users of co-working office spaces expect to move to leased offices or alternative environments. However, these tenants may not be looking forward to signing 10-years leases.

    Efficiency is one of the factors that attract potential tenants. Large companies prefer to invest in their offices whereas start-ups and small businesses are focusing more on company growth. Start-ups do not have adequate time to spend in designing their offices and they prefer a space that has been built at a lower price per square foot.

    In Toronto, the estimated cost for office staging ranges from $50 to $100 per square foot. This is considerably less than what a tenant will spend to improve an office because landlords are more experienced with build-outs and economies of scale. A relationship has been developed with contractors because of previous projects they have worked with. Landlords cannot predict the kind of tenants who will be moving in but there is an open plan to accommodate various requirements.

    Every business has a different need but office fitouts in Canberra is prepared to invest some creativity so that employees will have a little fun while spending time in the space. When the office looks good, it can inspire the employees to be more productive and efficient.

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    How To Secure A Room In A Hotel Near All Seasons Building

    All Seasons building is a landmark structure in Thailand. It is where luxurious shops and restaurants are located and the place where tourists go to when they want to get a first-world shopping experience right in the heart of Bangkok. If you want to get a feel of the modernity of Bangkok while enjoying its ancient, mythical temples situated just along the outskirts of Bangkok, book at a hotel near all seasons building. All Seasons building is right in the middle where Bangkok action is. If you want to shop till you drop, you don’t have to go anywhere far because you can have that in the area. At the same time, if you want to experience the breathtaking beauty of Thailand’s temple’s you can just ride on a bus or train and you can get to these historical places in no time.

    The area is busy and frequently visited by tourists and locals alike so if you want to stay in one of the hotels in the area, you have to book early to save your reservations. The good thing about booking early is that you get an excellent room complete with amenities at a much lesser price. Most hotel near all seasons building have high star ratings but you should not be intimidated with the price that is associated with 4 to 5 stars because you can get an accommodation by looking for deals and by booking early.

    You can also get a room accommodation in a luxury hotel at a much lower price by booking during off peak season. Make a research on which months are considered off peak in central Bangkok and book your accommodation within the period. To get the best hotel near all seasons building, visit different websites. You might also want to check on discussion boards to get recommendations from fellow travellers and previous customers who checked in on your target hotel. You can also refer to travel sites for more information and added recommendations on certain hotels in Bangkok and in Thailand.

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    Increase In Boiler Repair Before The Winter Season

    The weather during the month of October in the United Kingdom was quite mild but it has been predicted by reports that the coming winter season will bring heavy snowfall during the course of several months. There are even predictions that this winter will bring the worst snow that the country has never seen in over 50 years. Though many of the residents will be busy preparing their winter wardrobes as well as preparations for the coming Christmas holiday, there is one thing that should not be forgotten in preparation for the cold and that is the household boiler.

    There is an expected increase in service calls for boiler repairs and inspection before the winter snow hits the ground. It comes as no surprise since homeowners are only preparing months before the cold season. While there are some that may be calling for repairs before the winter starts, there is still a high number of emergency boiler repair situation to be expected as some people are quite confident with their old and trusted boiler without foreseeing its unexpected breakdown in the middle of winter. Repairs will vary from the boiler taking up a longer time to heat up than normally expected to other more pressing yet unnoticeable changes such as emission of carbon monoxide gases.

    In the United Kingdom, carbon monoxide has been branded as the silent killer for many does not have an idea that it is already around them. It is not easy to detect the substance since it has no accompanying taste, smell and it is not visible to the naked eye. There is one way to ensure that this does not happen, especially for boilers that are over a decade, and that is regular servicing to ensure that carbon monoxide poisoning will be prevented over the holidays.

    Another less scary concern is that the boiler will heat up the room longer than it usually takes. This will not cause any fatal harm but will create discomfort for the people inside the home or office building. This issue is quite common during winter thus the many emergency call outs received by various boiler repair companies. To have your boiler checked and serviced before the winter season, contact Capital Plumbing & Heating Sheffield.

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    Historic Storm Hits The US

    A historic storm is set to hit the Northeast region of United States according to the National weather Service.

    Snow is slowly hitting the areas that are in direct path of the storm. The temperatures are almost freezing and the wind gusts are reportedly getting stronger by the hour.

    The mayor of New York City warns the inhabitants of the city to prepare for the worst.

    Storm Warnings

    The National Weather Service cautioned the Americans living in the Northeast coast to that the storm can be life threatening. The weather agency also described the storm to be historic. The worst of the storm will be experienced Monday night to Tuesday.

    It is expected that the storm will bring about 3 feet deep of snow. It will also carry strong gusts of wind possibly reaching to 70mph along with freezing rain.

    Economic impact of the storm

    The blizzard expected to hit the US will leave economic damages to the states affected by it. Retail businesses will take a very big blow of the destructive natural occurrence. It is estimated that retailers will lose at least 85 percent of their business in the worst case scenario. This is a devastating $1 billion impact in the Northeast region.

    Stores will have to close down as well as offices in the private and public sectors. The working population will lose their hourly pay. Slippery and snow covered roads will also increase accidents.

    On the other hand, the storm could potentially bring bigger revenue for some business establishments. People are expected to hit the grocery stores to buy food and necessary provisions during the storm. Supermarket sales are expected to increase as well as sales in gasoline stations and hardware stores. Shovels, ice scrapers, snow blowers and gas to run this item are expected to be in demand. Snow removal services will also be cashing in big in the aftermath of the storm.

    Political impact of the storm

    The historic storm is also set to test the leadership skills and ingenuity of the governors in New Jersey and New York. After experiencing the brunt of hurricane Sandy in 2012, these leaders are about to face another nightmare with this life threatening storm.

    Both governors have already declared state of emergency for their respective states as the storm approaches.

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Foreign Investors Head For Myanmar’s Thilawa SEZ

The Thilawa Special Economic Zone is a mid-development joint venture, conceptualized and headed by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETO) and the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI). The project started out with $3.28B, and was launched three years ago, on May of 2014.

According to official media reports released last Monday, July 17, foreign investors have analysed the Thilawa SEZ and decided it, and the idea of a hotel near Myanmar centre, to be a favourable investment, with investments to the SEZ from foreign sources having hit US$1.7B .

When analyzed and divided into their respective source sectors, the data shows that the manufacturing sector led the foreign investment buzz, accounting for US$773M of the investment, followed by the import-export sector at US$126M. The logistics sector trails third with US$77M, followed by the service sector at $56M, and, finally, showing some reception to the idea of a hotel near Myanmar centre, the real estate and the hotel sectors with US$30M and US$12M, respectively.

The Thilawa SEZ is composed of 2,400 hectares of land. Out of all this, 400 hectares, representing Zone A, have already been in operation since September of 2015. Zone B, composed of 101 hectares of land, will be leased sometime this year, if schedule holds. If all proceeds as planned, Zone B’s development will be completed sometime next year.

The official reports stated that Myanmar is seeing at least 150 foreign companies from over 17 countries across the world taking interest and investing in the Thilawa SEZ, which, according to calculations, will create approximately 40,000 job opportunities in the area.

The Thilawa SEZ is the first development of its kind anywhere in Myanmar, with two additional SEZ’s being developed after it: the Dawei and Kyakphyu SEZ’s, which are currently in progress.

The agreement between the UMFCCI, representing Myanmar, and the JETO, representing Japan, was signed on the 29th of October, 2013. This agreement led to the introduction of the Thilawa SEZ, which is operated by the joint Myanmar-Japan Thilawa Development Company, a venture between the two countries, composed of two Myanmar-based companies and two Japan-based companies, with a share ratio of 51:49, slightly in favour of Myanmar.

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How To Save Money On Best Resort In Hua Hin

Some people think that booking at a luxury hotel, would break the bank and have you withdrawing all your savings. But the truth is, you can stay at the best resort in Hua Hin without going beyond your budget. One way to do that is to do a good research in order to find an excellent deal that will help you reduce your overall travel expenses.  To fit your travel needs even with limited budget, take a look at these budget-friendly tips:

Book in advance

You’d be surprised that even 5 star hotels offer lower rates for those who book ahead for an accommodation. By booking ahead, you get the assurance that you will have a guaranteed room the moment you get to Hua Hin. You won’t have to transfer from one hotel to another just to find an accommodation.  Last minute booking or booking on the spot can be costly especially during peak season. With last minute booking, you run the risk of settling for less since you don’t have much of a choice.

Choose a package or bundle services

One way to minimize your expenses at the best resort in Hua Hin is by having all your travel needs in one package. These travel packages are usually offered by travel agencies, airline companies and also by hotels through their official websites. You get automatic discounts with bundled services or packages plus you eliminate the hassles of securing different services.

Check for deals and promos

When you check the website of the best resort in Hua Hin, look for special deals at the promo tab to find out what bundled services you can get. This will lower your expenses and the money you save can be utilized for other purposes such as for buying souvenir items for loved ones at home. Choose a hotel with complimentary breakfast and other freebies such as free internet connection and free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and back again. These complementary services will secretly bring down your travel and transportation costs.

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3 Essential Tips In Choosing Vanity Units In The UK

There are numerous vanity units in the UK with various sink designs. Most of these ideas can be found on the internet and with their number and availability, you might end up confused. To help you decide on the vanity unit that you are going to pick, take a look at these ideas:

Factor in your bathroom space

When shopping for basin vanity units, one of the things that you should consider is the floor size of your bathroom. Buying an oversized vanity sink will eat up your bathroom space although this should not be an issue if you have a large bathroom. If you have limited space, determine the measurement of the vanity unit to ensure that it will fit in your bathroom. The vanity unit should not be too big or too small for your bathroom space.

Consider the unit’s functionality

There are two main reasons of having basin vanity units in the bathroom. One is to store bathroom items such as soap, towels, tissue paper and the likes while the other purpose is to increase your bathroom’s aesthetic value. There are single sink vanity units and you can also find double sinkvanity units in the UK for more utility and storage space. There are also the type that has more drawers and extra space for toiletries. Look for discounted vanity units to get more savings and another option is to find a supplier that offers free delivery within your area.

Check the design

Another consideration in choosingvanity units in the UK is its physical appearance or aesthetic value. Think about your bathroom theme then choose a vanity sink that will complement your overall design. Another consideration is your bathroom’s wall paint colour. If your wall paint is light in shade, choose a dark coloured vanity unit. There are different designs of bathroom vanity unit. There are Victorian, contemporary, rustic, industrial and other designs and materials for the units. No matter what type of vanity unit you choose, make sure that it will be in harmony with the rest of the items and furnishings in your bathroom.

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Father’s Disappearance Leads To The Start Of An Undertaking Business

Funerals are sombre affairs, for the simple reason that losing a loved one is a tragedy that deeply affects everyone. People grieve for the dearly departed, and look for the best funeral services, making sure that the tiniest detail of the service and after is well taken care of, even searching for the best funeral urns in Perth, in order to properly honour those that they’ve lost, and to ensure closure for the ones left behind.

One man in Fairfield, Australia, Mr. Adriano Coluccio, never got the closure of being able to hold a funeral service for his father, Mr. Collucio Sr., who simply disappeared on the 24th of June, 1990, after taking a taxi from Merrylands to Cronulia. Adriano turned his lack of closure into his motivation, shifting his career from a fruit and vegetables salesman into an undertaker.

He now runs the eponymous Adriano Coluccio Funeral Services in NSW,  wherein he gives families the closure they need after losing a loved one. Closure, he says, that he never got. According to Mr. Coluccio, he imagines how he would say his final farewell to his disappeared father every time he does a funeral service.

Coluccio has stated that he knows that, when a loved one has recently passed, that’s one of the lowest points in people’s lives, which makes making decisions, such as looking for funeral urns in Perth or anywhere else, difficult. He says he helps people deal with the loss, and that his experiences, both before and after he decided to go into the funeral service business, have changed his perspective.

Mr. Coluccio says that he’s done funerals for people who never woke from bed, he says he’s done funerals for children, among other things. He says that it reminds him to enjoy his life, and his time with his loved ones as much as possible; he knows full well that loved ones can simply go away when people least expect it.

He says that, having been raised Catholic, says that he still prays for his father, hoping that he might come home, or that, wherever he is, God makes sure that he is happy.

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Farmers Now Among People Looking For Insurance

The agriculture industry is considered as one of the busiest industries and also one of the commonly neglected industries in the world. You see, without this specific industry, what are we going to eat on a daily basis? The agriculture industry, specifically the farmers, fishermen, hog raisers among others, is the very reason why we, human beings, are able to eat all sort of edible food because this industry is the producing them and making sure that the planet is well-fed with healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables. Now, farming, growing fruits, vegetables and other farmable crops is not an easy thing to even begin with. You have to consider various things aside from which crops can be easily be farmed during a specific season. You have to worry about the weather in your area and also take into serious consideration of the possible threat of pest infestation which can cause massive damage to your crops and can reduce your monthly income significantly. In addition to this, when you accidently sold fruits and vegetables that have been infested by pests, it can also cause serious health problems to the ones who will consume the goods. Nowadays, the list of people looking for insurance now includes farmers and other workers who belong in the industry of agriculture.

Recently, July 1 was declared as Crop Insurance Day as a part of the initiative to provide insurance coverage for main crops that only requires paying a relatively affordable premium. Due to the fact that farmers and animal raisers alike among the first victims of natural calamities such destructive storms and powerful earthquakes, such calamities can instantly cause damage to crops that are yet to be sowed. Other extremely-damaging catastrophes such as drought and even lightning hits can cause equally life-threatening damages especially to these workers. The good news is, people looking for insurance who are from the agriculture industry will be given compensation to cover the expenses that were done by the said calamities. Farmers are now being encouraged to take full advantage of the small premium because the amount of compensation one can receive has been increased by up to 10 times.

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No Fence To Be Installed At Site Of Accident In I-83

The residence of the Treichler is located at a hill just next to the Interstate 83. This is very near the road that one can hear the deafening sounds of the vehicles and smell the fumes coming from their exhaust. As soon as commercial trucks pass by, the household is able to fee the rumbling of the road. In other places such as in Perth, it would be considered safe for the council to hire Perth fence contractors such as www.skilledfencing.com.au in order to secure the area but this is not the same with I-83 even after the death of a 6-year-old boy.

Lynn Treichler is the grandmother of that little boy. She has been living at the same spot for the majority of her 49 years. She is currently living there with her family.

She admitted that over the years, there have been numerous instances wherein animals are found on the road including a handful of their pet dogs.

With the recent death of her grandson, Bryce, they are questioning why no one in authority is proposing to build a fence on the interstate.

It was the 4th of July when Bryce decided to ride his dirt bike. He lost control of his bike and went off passing through the embankment and straight to the road. He was hit by a pickup which inflicted blunt force trauma causing the death of the boy.

He was under supervision while he was riding the dirt bike. The bike was a gift last Christmas and he has been riding it on a regular basis. The bike comes with a built-in governor so that its maximum speed will only be 10 miles per hour. It is also equipped with training wheels.

Despite these, he still rode straight to the road unless there was a fence around the area but there was none.

According to PennDOT, they are not required to have fences on the interstate as stated by the Interstate Design Standard which the country follows for the specific industry standard.

The family at a loss because in other countries such as Australia, the government hire Perth fence contractors in order to install fence that will safeguard both the people walking in the sidewalk and the motorists. The family is not blaming anyone for the death of Bryce but the tragedy would have been avoided if they have only listened to the request of the family to build fence years ago.

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Advantages Of Booking In Hotel With Pool Bar In Sukhumvit

Hotels usually take pride on its facilities and one of its coveted hotel facilities are its swimming pools.  You can check at any hotel website and you will find a specific page highlighting the best features of their swimming pool. If you want to magnify your holiday experience, book in a hotel with a pool bar in Sukhumvit or in our preferred area in Bangkok. Here are some of the reasons why.

Recreation rolled into one

Swimming and drinking are two of the most relaxing activities that you can do in a hotel, so long as you do not overdo your drinking. A glass of martini or tequila sunrise on hand would not hurt while lounging on a poolside lounger or kiosk by the pool. You can watch the stars while taking sips of refreshing drinks or dine at the poolside patio after taking a few laps at the swimming pool.

Convenient relaxation

The best thing about booking at a hotel with pool bar in Sukhumvit is that you no longer have to dress up and go to the restaurants or bars at a separate area at the hotel when you get hungry or when you want to have a few drinks when you can have all your needs while enjoying at the pool. There’s no need to dry up just to order your favourite dishes when they would be served right where you are.


  • In order to experience dining or lounging in an excellent pool bar, book in a hotel that takes pride of its pool area or pool resto-bar.
  • Read reviews to find out which hotels in the area have an excellent service at their pool bar and poolside restaurant.
  • Engage in forums and discussion boards for recommendations on the best pool bar in Sukhumvit. You can also start topics on these forums to solicit more opinion.
  • When reading reviews focus on the price, the service and hospitality of the waiters and waitresses including the hotel staff and on the quality of food and drinks the pool bar serves.

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Star Wars Memorabilia Collection Of George Lucas Finally Finds A Home

After years of searching, a permanent home was finally found for Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in LA’s Exposition Park. The Los Angeles council has finally approved the construction of the museum that will house the extensive art and memorabilia collection of the Star Wars director and creator George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson.

The museum that will be designed by the MAD architects will also contain paintings by impressionist masters in the likes of Edgar Degas and Pierre-Auguste Renoir including various items from the Star Wars franchise like Luke Skywalker’s original light-saber and the mask of Darth Vader.

The proposed museum will occupy 290,000 square feet, one-third of which will be dedicated to gallery space. To be spread on the 5-story building will be a movie theatre, lecture hall, library, offices, restaurant and several digital classroom spaces. The green-roof terrace will be accessible to the public while a 2,425 space will be dedicated to parking. An 11-acre park will surround the spaceship-like structure and can be explored by visitors.

No taxpayer money will spent on the development of the museum because it will be privately funded. The museum is scheduled to break ground next year with an expected opening date in 2021. New renderings gave people an idea on how the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts will look like. The design made by the MAD architects was presented to the LA planning commission.

An expansive collection of artworks, illustrations and artefacts will showcase visual storytelling. The new renderings show a slightly compact version of the original design with more of the museum program moved to the ground floor along Exposition Road. Other new elements include a clove-like area with a waterfall. The museum will be built on what used to be the site two existing parking lots that are owned by the city and will span over a pedestrian walkway.

Star Wars Art can be printed on canvas so that you will a unique décor hanging on the wall. Printing on canvas is the latest trend nowadays to add personality to a room. Canvas prints are a more affordable alternative to traditional framed artwork.

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Prices Stabilize: Good For Navigation Estates

Let’s face it. Everything nowadays has gotten more expensive than it used to be a decade ago. Various aspects can be attributed to the continuously jumping of prices especially of basic commodities. Among these aspects is the abnormalities that have been affecting the world market prices of oil especially in oil-producing countries in the Middle East. You see, liquefied fuel is considered as liquefied gold that’s why most of the oil-producing countries in the said region are relatively rich. And when things don’t go towards their way, some countries will hold onto their stocks of oil so the rest of the world would have lesser supply. We all know how things work. Lower supply plus high demands means higher prices. When this scenario happens, it creates a rippling effect to almost everything else. Most of the time, whenever the prices of the oil in the world market jump up, the prices of everything else follow through. The same thing can be said for real estate properties especially in the United Kingdom where the inflation rate is at 2.3% based on the latest number released last February of 2017. When you are in need of a real estate property to either buy or rent for a short period of time, there’s no better way to do so than to do it with the professional assistance from licensed real estate agents of Navigation Estates. Regardless of what the inflation rate in UK, prices of properties in the country would go up and down at any given time depending on the economic and political situation in the country.


According to the National Building Society in the United Kingdom, the prices of houses that are sold in the country have rebounded during the month of June, ending the worst streak in the market which lasted for 8 years. This means that the prices of homes and other properties have been stably increasing after experiencing a freefall during the previous three months of the year. According to verified statistics, the value of houses recorded a 1.1% increase from the previous value back in May of this year. For those who are planning to buy properties, they are advised to consult with their trusted real estate agent from Navigation Estates so they can offer you better insights.

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Big Durians: Find Out Why it’s an Attraction

With the ever-stressful and hectic lifestyle that most of the human population are living right now, it’s no surprise that some of us have been neglecting their overall health. You see, with the latest technology that aims to make our lives easier and more comfortable, we are almost forgetting one thing that not even the most powerful smartphone can ever provide to us: a decent health especially for those who now in the advanced years of their lives. Fortunately, some of the traditional ways to stay healthy have managed to stay alive even during these continuously changing times. Among these ways which even younger individuals are keen on employing is the regular intake of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. Fruits to be more specific, are considered as among the healthiest food one cannot survive with. They contain the highest percentage of Vitamin C which is helpful in maintaining a strong immune system that will help the human body fight various sickness on a daily basis. In the tourism industry, fruits have been playing a small but meaningful role in continuously luring more and more tourists into vising the place where the fruits are being grown. Find out here what the fruit that is making a tremendous amount of noise in the tourism industry of Thailand.


Earlier this week, news about the massive sizes of a couple of Durians that have been farmed in the farmlands of the district of Wang Nam Khieo. According to the owner of the said orchard, the pair of durians weighed 12 kilograms and 13 kilograms respectively. Aside from the hotels and parks in the urbanized areas like Bangkok, the tourism industry in Thailand is more than just luxurious style of taking a vacation. In fact, it’s in the Wang Nam Khieo district where tourists find out here that fruits can be a  reason for a huge number of tourists to visit the said district of Thailand because let’s face it, it’s not every day that you see durians of those weights. You see, the couple of Durians is heavier than the average-sized ones which weigh only around 5 kilograms to 6 kilograms. In fact, people are now ling-up to take pictures of the big and heavy Durians.

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