Phuket Expecting Russian And Chinese Travelers Soon

Some might say that there’s nothing quite like an island vacation. Warm beaches, blue seas, and white sands help shake off the stress and humdrum of daily life. Russian and Chinese travellers seem to believe so, opting for a Phuket holistic retreat.

According to C9 Hotelworks, a hospitality and property consultancy that operates in the region of the Asia Pacific and is based on Phuket, tourist arrivals from China and Russia to the island are likely to make a resurgence this year, due to improving opinions regarding tourism. Bill Barnett, C9 Hotelworks’ managing director stated that Russian tourist traffic is returning to normal volume, whilst Chinese travellers are becoming more commonplace as the repercussions of the zero-dollar tour crackdown dissipate.

Based on data acquired by C9 Hotelworks, Phuket experienced a notable increase in tourism, with an increase of 18% with airport arrivals exceeding 7.5 million the past year. Mr. Barnett has stated that the ongoing renovation of the airport in Phuket’s domestic terminal, slated to be completed sometime during the year’s final quarter, will create attention for tourist arrivals, seeing as airports and tourism are invariably linked. The renovations will also help with easing issues regarding passenger traffic, which is good seeing as how the Russian and Chinese tourist markets are doing recently.

The Phuket Hotel Market Update for the month of February, released by C9 Hotelworks, has noted an improvement in the Russian tourist market, with a noted increase in arrivals totalling at 51%, which is attribute to the rouble’s improving stand versus the baht. Additionally, the political issues in the Middle East is making Phuket more appealing in comparison, to Russian tourists.

Meanwhile, with regards to Chinese travellers, the government’s efforts to crack down on Chinese zero-dollar tours last year have had repercussions with arrivals, but Mr. Barnett has pointed out that tourism arrivals from Chinese travellers are recovering, if slowly, since the earlier days of the year, and that arrivals spiked around Chinese New Year.

If things go the way they currently are, then, according to C9 Hotelworks’ report, growth is to be expected for Phuket for the next 10 years. It seems like there will be a lot more tourists hoping to experience the Phuket holistic retreat.