Prices Stabilize: Good For Navigation Estates

Let’s face it. Everything nowadays has gotten more expensive than it used to be a decade ago. Various aspects can be attributed to the continuously jumping of prices especially of basic commodities. Among these aspects is the abnormalities that have been affecting the world market prices of oil especially in oil-producing countries in the Middle East. You see, liquefied fuel is considered as liquefied gold that’s why most of the oil-producing countries in the said region are relatively rich. And when things don’t go towards their way, some countries will hold onto their stocks of oil so the rest of the world would have lesser supply. We all know how things work. Lower supply plus high demands means higher prices. When this scenario happens, it creates a rippling effect to almost everything else. Most of the time, whenever the prices of the oil in the world market jump up, the prices of everything else follow through. The same thing can be said for real estate properties especially in the United Kingdom where the inflation rate is at 2.3% based on the latest number released last February of 2017. When you are in need of a real estate property to either buy or rent for a short period of time, there’s no better way to do so than to do it with the professional assistance from licensed real estate agents of Navigation Estates. Regardless of what the inflation rate in UK, prices of properties in the country would go up and down at any given time depending on the economic and political situation in the country.


According to the National Building Society in the United Kingdom, the prices of houses that are sold in the country have rebounded during the month of June, ending the worst streak in the market which lasted for 8 years. This means that the prices of homes and other properties have been stably increasing after experiencing a freefall during the previous three months of the year. According to verified statistics, the value of houses recorded a 1.1% increase from the previous value back in May of this year. For those who are planning to buy properties, they are advised to consult with their trusted real estate agent from Navigation Estates so they can offer you better insights.