Private Tutoring: A Good Investment

According to a tutoring business in the United Kingdom at least 60 percent of their students come from private schools ten years ago and the numbers have been rising since then.

The two groups of students who ask for tutorial services

Usually there are two groups of students who ask for tutorial services. The first group refers to those that struggle with a particular subject. This does not necessarily imply that there is a problem with the school’s educational system. It may be that the students have some problems of his own resulting in a struggle to keep attention with the teacher’s discussion.

The second group of students consists of those that are highly intellectual and are excelling in school. Their parents want to ensure that they stay on top of the class so they will do well in entrance examinations and go to high caliber universities.

How tutoring helps

Both of these groups require extra tuition fee for the supporting parent. A lot of parents worry that the money invested in hiring private tutors will not be rewarding. This is not really the case. Private tutoring helps greatly in shaping the future of students. Through tutoring, the struggling students will be able to boost their confidence. Previously underperforming students are now excelling in their academics. For those students who are already doing well in their academics, giving them some extra help in tutoring will sharpen their skills and techniques.

The sessions

If you hire private tutor for your child, they should meet regularly as this keeps the momentum in the child’s learning process. Usually, private tutors teach students once a week. The recommended number of hours for each session is usually two hours. Students under thirteen years old are recommended to have a one hour session with their tutors.
How to find the best tutor?

One of the recommended ways to find the suitable tutor is through a recommendation from someone that you know. You may ask the teachers in your child’s school if they know someone who can be a good private tutor. The most crucial thing that you have to consider is that the tutor that you will hire can create a good rapport with your child.