Rent A Condo In Phuket With Seven Seas

Phuket, Thailand has always been the ideal getaway vacation of many people. It’s definitely enviable that their locals are able to indulge in the greatness of their beaches every day. If you’re feeling the same, then visiting Phuket and staying will definitely be a great and memorable experience for you. Whether you’re looking to rent a condo in Phuket, or seeking a long-term investment and home that would get you closer to the place, it’s definitely wiser to pick Seven Seas condo to be your partner.

Just as the year entered, a new condo in Phuket, Seven Seas, has been planned to enter the market this year. This luxurious and epic condominium will give you a modern, chic style resembling a resort which will strike Phuket’s heart and its people. The project is said to amount 2.5 Million in Baht Currency.

This condo is located near Phuket’s Bangkok Hospital. It will encompass about four different buildings that would tower to eight floors. This will house over 975 units available for rent or own. This will also entitle you to a grand view of enticing scenery of hills and such.

Universal Group, working hand-in-hand with the renowned, Porchland group guarantees that this project of theirs will end up in a success that will deliver happiness to all tourists of Phutek. The Executive Director of Porchland also shared that the Island Phutek, is one of the greatest tourist spot and market today that’s continuously stepping up the ladder and improving.

If you rent a condo in Phutek or buy one from Seven Seas, you’ll be able to choose from various design rooms they set up. They have studio types, 1 BR Unit and a 2 BR unit. Buying a condo will leave you with a starting price of about Baht 1.5 Million.

The name of the Condo comes from its effort of resembling seven various, gorgeous and epic islands throughout the world such as Jeju, Bali and many more. It also serves customers with different amenities to indulge upon which will definitely complete your vacation.

Buying a condo from them would definitely be a great investment or if you’re looking to rent a condo in Phutek just for a day or two vacation, then certainly feel free to come by and revel on what this group can offer you with.