Restoration Of An Abandoned Inn To A 4 Star Hotel

In Ramsgate, planning permission was granted to a former historic pub that will be turned into a 4 star hotel. The proposed hotel will be called The Eagle Inn that will feature 6 en-suite bedrooms with 2 accessible for the disabled. The project will hopefully restore the abandoned site into its former glory after a thorough makeover.

The former historic inn is believed to be one of the oldest surviving inns in Ramsgate. It was originally comprised of two – three properties from 1763. The main building fronting High Street was constructed in 1776 making it one of the town’s earliest Tomson and Wotton public houses. Tomson and Wooton is believed to be the oldest breweries in Britain.

The buildings were damaged by a catastrophic fire in 1990. Permission was finally granted by Thanet District Council on May 11 for the renovation project on the old inn. According to Architect Pier-Luigi del Renzio of delRenzio and del Renzio, the 4 star hotel will include a restaurant, bar and parlour for the guests. The eagle statue and sign will be reinstated but the interior still has to be designed. However, the reinstatement is planned to include the missing period features and the complimentary finishes to create a 4 star hotel.

The renovation is in line with Thanet’s local plans for the promotion of leisure and tourism in the centre of the town. The architects are working closely with a local planning and conservation officer that is very supportive of the proposed scheme.

The renovation project will employ local workforce for full time and part time jobs depending on the inn’s final operational requirements. Local trade people are also supportive of the proposed scheme because they believe on the unique potentials that it will eventually offer for Ramsgate. As of this writing, the budget for the renovation remains confidential.

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