Save Your Website’s Conversion By Avoiding These

A lot could be said about the impact that social media is making especially when promoting a business but there is still something better that a website could offer when it comes to online business. The first thing that separates the two is the freedom to choose your own design. When setting up a business with different social media platforms, one has to adapt with the changing algorithm of the platform while creating your own website gives you the liberty to choose every single element. A website might be a good thing but there are some things that should be avoided in order to make sure that the website’s traffic is turned into profit.

  • Get rid of the confusing layout. Your product or the services you offer might be the best in town but if customer experience upon landing on your site is terrible then it will not make you any sales at the end of the day. A good layout will have ease of navigation throughout the site from product browsing to checking out their carts. These should be done in a way that their purchases and information are secured in order to trust the brand more. There should also be any way for them to leave feedbacks in order to improve the site.
  • Stick with subtle and readable fonts that will catch the visitors’ attention. Being flashy doesn’t mean using the most complicated fonts which will, most of the time, confuse the customers even more. Another thing that should be avoided is using generic lines that have been used by another handful of businesses which gives off the feeling that your brand is just like any other brand. Research should be done in order to reach out to the right market you are targeting.
  • No search box. This is one of the gravest mistake an e-commerce site could commit unless you are selling only enough products that could be displayed in a single page. If you have a hundred or thousands but with no search box then don’t expect target visitors to take their time and browse through every page and category.

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