Shocking Report Reveals Hard Homework Too Stressful For Parents

The standard homework given by the primary schools need to be abolished since there isn’t a lot of evidence that it assists with learning, and it also increases the stress experienced in families, based from a government body.

Homework that benefit students

The Teaching Schools Council which supervises teachers’ training mentioned that the schools should make sure that homework only needs to be handed out when there is a definite justification for doing so as well as it giving benefits for students which includes school data backing it up.

The report added that when a homework is given, this shouldn’t be too hard while allowing students to succeed without struggling and needing help from parents heavily.

Schools can also indicate a time limit for a homework task, and students should also not be expected to complete it if longer time is needed in order to reduce the load and also family stress.

The controversy surrounding the recommendations

The recommendations reinforce the increasing movement against these formal homework between parents and some schools.

Teachers protest more that they don’t have the time to check the homework, and a number of parents hate how they need to force their children to complete the work.

However a lot of experts also defended homework being a means to re-consolidate the things learned in a specific day to a child’s minds.

Dr Helen Abadzi who is an expert in the field of cognitive psychology and neuroscience at the World Bank addressed in a conference last month conducted at Cambridge University that the schools have decided to not give homework, and they are sending letters out regarding this.

She added that homework may be a hassle for the parents, however this is when the students will re-consolidate their learning during class.


Indeed, a homework or an assignment is a way for schools to reinforce the learning. However, there are students who would rather not do their homework and avail of services for an assignment help in order to free up their time for other things. Schools need to reassess their rules in order for them to determine when a homework is beneficial for a student and when it is not.