Smart Home Technology In Wine Racks

Aside from a being functional furniture, the Mobel oak wine rack also be used to display your collection of wines. The wine rack can be placed in the dining room or living room depending on your preferences. Because the wine rack is made from oak, you can expect quality and durability.

Smart home technology is promising to bring connectivity to homes. For example, technology will allow you to adjust home temperature as you get closer to home or automatically open the garage when you arrive. Technology also promises that washing machines will soon be able to recognize clothing styles automatically so that they can be washed accordingly.

At CES in Las Vegas, a company has added smart technology to wine experience. Caveasy saw the need for a better option to find wine bottles in storage. The wine racks are available in individual rows that are connected to a USB. Shelving can be increased from five wide or one row high to 256 rows depending on your requirements.

Once the wine racks have been assembled and connected, the smart phone can be used to tell the rack which wine will be placed in every slot. The Caveasy app will take photographs of the label to provide you with an understanding on what wines you have including their varieties and where they will be located. You can simply select a bottle of wine using the app when you approach the rack. It will light up and shine bright before you.

The app also logs consumption so that you can plan for re-orders. Caveasy One app also has the ability to monitor temperature and humidity in the environment from the sensors attached to the wine storage. The app will ensure that the environment for the wines is always ideal.

Wines are expensive and they need a safe storage. The best way to store wines is through the Mobel oak wine rack that can be placed on the floor for easy access. The solid oak wine racks provide the advantage of additional storage so that you can always add to the wine collection. Because it is constructed from solid oak, the wine rack has the necessary strength and visual impact.