Some Military-Issued Rolex Watches Can Be Valuable Collectible Items

In 2015, a British man and his wife were watching BBC’s The Antiques Roadshow series on TV. The particular episode was about a plain-looking watch that was valued for thousands of pounds. The man remembered that he owns a similar watch but his wife said that it is not worth a cent.

The British bloke’s watch was a military issue that he bought at an army surplus for £1,000. After a few months, The Antiques Roadshow came to town and the man brought along his watch. Surprisingly, the watch was identified as a “rare double reference version” of the Rolex Military Submariner that was issued to the British Navy in the early part of 1970. In December 2016, the watch was sold for £120,100 (€139, 028) at Bonhams.

The watch was part of a series of Rolex watches that was ordered by the British Navy for their specialist personnel. While the watch does not exactly look like those used in James Bond films, it has the same technology. The watch hands are shaped as swords to make them legible even at low light conditions. The dials have the marking of an international symbol for tritium, a treatment placed on the watch so that the wearer can see the hands in the dark. The back of the case is engraved with a serial number and issue number from the Ministry of Defense.

The British military-issued watches usually turn up during auctions in Ireland particularly in the north of the border. Martin Bernon of O’Reilly’s auctioneers believe that the watches are pretty standard and do not necessarily fetch a high sum. It is made from gunmetal color without any shine to avoid catching the attention of a sniper. If you come across a military watch, it is worth the time to have it checked because it might be a highly collectible Rolex watch.

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