Spare Tyres No Longer A Priority For Car Manufacturers

There are many things we no longer see in the latest range of cars such as vent windows that can be swung open, ashtray and a metal ignition key. Add to this list is the possibility of not seeing spare tyre anymore. Though many car owners prefer to have spare second hand tyres in Brisbane, not many are willing to carry them around in their cars while on the road.

In the latest study that was conducted by the American Automobile Association, about one third of the car models launched in 2017 that were sold in the United States market no longer have a spare tyre that is outfitted with the car. It used to be a standard design.

The fact is that spare tyres are starting to face extinction and it has been happening in the last few years without consumers noticing because it was only gradually happening and was not eliminated at one. Spares in full size are no longer common and were changed into the doughnut-like versions that space saves in the vehicle.

Car manufacturers are eliminating spare tyres not because they are trying to save cost or they lost their common sense but rather they think that this decision will be beneficial to car owners. The main reason why spare tyres are removed is because the weight is greatly reduced. When this happens, fuel economy is being considered.

Industry experts said that the spare tyre which is composed of rubber and steel could weigh a maximum of 40 pounds. When a spare is available, the driver must also have a lug wrench and jack in hand which is an additional weight. Car engineers are happy to be able to reduce the weight of the vehicles that they are designing.

While this is good news for car makers, it is a headache for roadside assistance as majority of the drivers do not have spare when they meet an accident on the road. In the future, spare tyres may no longer be deemed necessary as innovations are moving forward in terms of tyre manufacturing. There are now available second hand tyres in Brisbane for car owners that wanted to have a spare tyre but cannot afford to buy a new one at the time.