Spiders Undertaking Pest Control For Nature

According to a new study, more than 500 species of spiders can be found in Wisconsin. In the study that was published in The Science of Nature, spiders are the greatest carnivores on because they consume between 400 million and 800 million metric tons of different insects, springtails and invertebrates every year. This means that spiders can be credited as nature’s best pest control.

Michael Draney, a biologist that heads the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences at the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay, the amount of meat that people eat from fish and animals are similar to what spiders are eating as insects. This gives people an idea on how important the spider population is to the world’s ecosystem.

However, even if spiders are very critical to the success of pest control, they still have a bad reputation because they look scary and they are being blamed for unfamiliar bites on skins. According to Draney, only a small fraction of the 45,000 identified spider species actually bite people. It is more likely that in the past generations, there were large spiders that frightened people.

It is very improbable for an individual to be bitten by a spider in Wisconsin because it is outside their range. Sometimes, skin conditions are misdiagnosed as brown recluse bites that people get from a variety of causes. While brown recluses may be venomous, 90% of the bites heal even without medication.

Researchers have estimated the global population of spiders at 25 million metric tonnes. In Wisconsin, spiders have to make the effort to survive harsh winters. Spiders do not freeze at 32oF because their blood has anti-freeze compounds. At 25, 20 or 15 degrees Fahrenheit, spiders can freeze unless they are able to find a sheltered area. Draney advises people not to mind spiders because they are certainly not interested on humans.

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