Student From IUP Did Volunteer Work In The Kingdom Of Thailand

Devin McClain, a student from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania spent three weeks of her summer this year in Thailand. She is originally from Clymer and decided to travel to the Kingdom in order to do some volunteer work which aims to help the marine conservation in one of the islands in Thailand, Koh Tao. She was able to see the Koh Tao villas an experience the wilderness which the country has to offer.

With the help of Chiang Mai University, the student was also able to be a part of a project in restoring the forest.

McClain’s parents are Daniel and Sally McClain both living in Clymer. She is currently a senior in the University majoring in environmental ecology conservation biology.

McClain went to Thailand along with her team and they stayed in Koh Tao to do some volunteer works in collaboration with an organization called Loop Abroad that supports study abroad. They also became a part of the organization’s project referred to as New Heaven Marine Conservation.

During her stay in Koh Tao, she volunteered to monitor the marine life in the island by surveying which is done through free diving and snorkeling. She also participated in efforts to restore the coral reefs found in the coast of the country by being a part of a team that created artificial reef structures.

Through studying the island of Koh Tao, she was able to learn about their marine life not just on it but those surrounding it. She also became acquainted with projects that are currently going on in a measure to observe the marine life and conserve them as much as possible.

McClain said that the most rewarding part of her trip in Thailand was to be given a chance to be involved in projects that will benefit another nation. She said that Loop Abroad’s project where they fly students and fully involve them to experience the culture. They were able to show the real beauty of the country, which is different when you visit as a tourist. She admitted that she has been to different mission trips but the island and Koh Tao villas are something different and she was able to see Thailand in a different light.