The Big Industry Of Sports Merchandise

Sports merchandise is a very big industry in the world of sports that brings in revenues for teams. Sports merchandise ranges from jerseys, hats, shirts and giftware emblazoned by the team’s logo. Once an entrepreneur gets an idea on what the fans want, it is produced and sold in stores. One example is NRL clothing online store that offers quality merchandise for enthusiastic fans.

Sports merchandise is also one of the tools used by sports clothing manufacturers in marketing and promotions. The most popular examples are Nike and Adidas. More than 2 years after NBA announced that its global merchandising and marketing partnership with Nike to provide the leagues official uniforms starting 2017-18 seasons, the logistics are finally falling in place.

Retailers are waiting for the switch from Adidas to Nike for quite some time so that there will be a seamless transition. The whole process of product development has started last year. Teams have been working with Nike on how their updated uniforms will look like when the Adidas template will be switched to the Nike template. And then, Nike will go into retail with the new product.

According to Fox sports, they have seen the new Cavaliers logo which was in the works for a quite a while. Will the teams have new secondary logos like the Cavs? According to Lisa Piken Koper, NBA’s VP for global partnerships, the new identity is not for the entire league but the decision of the teams. Some of the team’s uniforms may look similar while others might have some drastic changes in design and logos.

The world of retail is aware of the transition and it can be assumed that they have already made steps to manage their inventory and be prepared for the new uniforms next season. While retail strategies are different, they will all be able to adjust to changes.

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