The Growing Market For Electric Counter top Griddles

Technavio, a leading global technology research and advisory company released its latest report on the global counter top griddle market. Technavio also made an analysis on the important trends that will impact on the electric griddle market from 2017 to 2021.

According to Manu Gupta the lead analyst of Technavio, manufacturers of counter top griddles offer different kinds of griddle plates in varying thicknesses of ¼ inch, ¾ inch or 1 inch and more. Most end users are rather specific with their choice particularly since some griddles that have very thin plates are very likely to crack or get distorted when frozen food is cooked continuously at very high temperatures.

Most independent food service restaurants as well as premium steakhouses prefer griddle plates of different thicknesses but the thicker one-inch griddle is better suited for food service establishments that handle a large volume of frozen items.

The growth of the market for counter top griddles is influenced by the increase in consumer demand for food that has been prepared in electric griddles. For example, food service establishments are usually required to produce a large volume of quality food and their production efficiency is greatly enhanced when they use the counter top griddles. Besides that, manufacturers of electric griddles are making the effort to improve design and features of their products.

One of the improvements made by electric griddle manufacturers is even heat distribution on the griddle plate so that heat will be distributed on all corners of the griddle. The heating element which is usually installed underneath the griddle plate is placed in such away as to ensure even heat distribution. Induction is a relatively new technology wherein an induction coil is placed underneath the griddle plate.

 Technology in the manufacture of electric griddle is also improving. Consumers have a choice from griddles that are flat, grooved, chrome-finished or double-sided. There is also a choice between gas or electric counter top griddle models.

It is difficult to maintain consistent temperature when cooking large amounts of food. To make sure that you get the best griddle that will cook food efficiently and quickly, read electric griddle reviews by Kitchen Appliances HQ and then refer to the buyer’s guide.