The Hidden Charm Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

You might have heard of the glorious comeback of the once most regretted gift to be received during the holiday season – ugly Christmas sweaters. At one point in your life, you might have gotten one ugly sweater and kept it without thinking about wearing it. Now you might want to rummage into your old clothes and see if you still have one of those because it has come back as a trendy fashion item.

In fact, it has been commoditized recently many manufacturers are mass producing because of its sudden rise in popularity. In the end, this classic tradition during the Christmas holidays has been commercialized and taken for profit.

From a traditionalist’s point of view, the essence of a true ugly Christmas sweater is its weird design which makes it lovelier. Before the recent generation has deemed these Christmas sweaters to be a joke, previous generations have already seen the beauty in these holiday sweaters.

According to author Brian Miller who wrote about ugly Christmas sweater parties, majority of the famous designs used in ugly Christmas sweaters nowadays have been copied from the elder’s closet or from thrift shops selling this vintage piece of clothing. It was never the intention of the makers to make these garments a joke nor do they want them to be mass produced. Mr. Miller added that because of the unique designs, it has stood out from the rest thus people saw it eventually to be funny.

After much research, he found out that the first and largest ugly Christmas sweater to be held was in 2002 in Vancouver. Ten years after the event at Commodore Ballroom, people have caught on the trend and it has gained popularity.

Mr. Miller shared his personal preference which is the Nordic designs that were resealed during the 70s. Aside from the design, the ugly sweater is made from wool of the highest quality. He explained that the best sweater are those you have received as a young child and hated them but years later you found them again and it turns out you actually love them.