The High Demand For Outdoor Weddings In Jersey

Many couples today shun traditional wedding venues because they want unique sites that match with their personalities. There are literally plenty of options today for weddings from refurbished barns to coastal vineyards or private gardens. Couples hire marquee in Sydney in case the weather suddenly changes its mind.

Last 2017, 447 marriages took place in Jersey but 70% of them were civil ceremonies. The fact that the number of marriages is down is not surprising because couples are waiting for the amended law that will allow them the marriage ceremonies they want. The amended law which has not yet been ratified will allow couples to choose a specific person to marry them.

When the amended law comes into force, it is expected that the numbers will rise again. There is high demand for outdoor weddings particularly in backyard gardens. It is not a beginning of a trend but couples seem to be captivated by the idea of freedom outside traditional weddings.

According to Annual Life Event Statement, at least 88 couples chose Jersey to get married last year. Wedding tourism is expected to rise because Jersey is more affordable and popular for its beautiful sceneries and unusual places. Couples are travelling to Jersey even if they do not have any connections to the island in the last couple of years because of Brexit and the value of the pound.

The amended marriage law will legalize same sex marriage and outdoor weddings. Once it is enforced, an increase in bookings can be expected in Jersey. However, the most popular venue for marriages is still the Civil Register where about 157 marriages took place. 30% of the marriages were in churches of different denominations. After the ceremonies, the wedding reception can take place outdoors so that guests will have more freedom to move around and take selfies.

One of the first steps that must be undertaken when planning an outdoor wedding is to hire marquee in Sydney for protection against sunlight or a sudden downpour. There are marquees that will allow a dance floor and a bar so that guests can have fun. Smaller tents can be hired for the catering team.