The Importance Of Hooded Sweater In Today’s Style

During the Haute Couture week that was held in Paris during the start of July, Vetements which is one of the labels included in the event went to unveil its most recent collection. The latest collection is far from what is usually considered as high fashion in Paris. This month we have witnessed what is considered the latest face of luxury consisting of tracksuits from Juicy Couture and billowing capes from Carharrt.

It has been a standard practice by the brand, led by Demna Gvasalia, the Georgian designer along with his brother Guram, to not only look at what is present at the catwalk but also what can be seen in the surrounding. To be specific, one has to take a look at the outfit that are worn by the groupies that are located and waiting just outside of the show.

It was noted that among the diehards that wore their garments with emblazonment, there are also those that prefer the hooded sweater. It was once considered an outfit for teens younger than 14. Not it is considered an important item, as crucial as the right handbag they wore. What makes these hoodies quite different is the signature mainstream appeal that is brought about by Chloe Paddington.

The hooded started to become more popular starting in 2006 in an attempt by David Cameron to reduce the number of crimes and up until now it still considered a long process.

The latest among the fashion craze is the skating culture which currently became acceptable to people with high fashion taste. Many labels are responsible in making the hoodie more than what it is before, a representative of an urban youth, and labels such as Palace helped in expanding its peripheries. Palace is a well-known skater brand. Its founder, Lev Tanju is from the southern part of London. It is a known brand and is located at the Dover Street Market. From its shop, hoodies can be seen hanging beside sweaters created by Raf Simons and Simone Rocha’s dresses. It will not be surprising if a few years from now we’ll see ugly Christmas sweater on the catwalk.