The Master Plaster From JAT Holdings

A Sri Lankan leader in the furnishing and the finishing industry, JAT Holdings just announced the “Master Plaster” which revolutionised the country’s industrial market.


The Master Plaster against traditional plastering

The traditional way to construct walls was using blocks or bricks and finishing with a plaster coat called plastering. Plastering has conventionally been done from a process of sand and cement plastering that is finished with the POP/putty pruning: a process in two stages using elements like sand, cement plus water mixed on-site.

With the Master Plaster, a single and direct coat is applied. The 2 stage process is already eliminated resulting in cost effectivity.


The benefits of the Master Plaster

One great benefit of the Master Plaster is its easy application on internal walls whether block, brick or concrete. In addition, no sand and cement plaster and wall putty application and sanding are needed.

It also contains 20 square feet in coverage with a 12 mm thickness per 25kg bag. Thus, it guarantees value for one’s money.

Its quality also has a 250 mesh fineness and an over 96% level of purity making it the best product to ensure atomic bonding and a perfect mirror finish with levelled smooth walls.

To add, the application can be done in one day, and it can be painted within the three day period. The sand and cement plaster takes 8-10 days minimum for water curing. The Master Plaster doesn’t require water curing. This saves time and money at the same time.

The Master Plaster guarantees 70% saving in cost and time with its user friendly innovation. It is already mixed and just needs water in calibrated amounts compared to trial and error done in traditional methods. Its elastic properties completely eliminate hairline cracks visible from the traditional methods.

It is also lightweight so it eliminates dead load in structures.

The Master Plaster has a fire retardant composition too making it non-combustible and reducing life and property loss from fire. This composition is also widely available in other countries like those from the Commercial Plasterers in Sydney for people not serviced by JAT Holdings.